ISO Class 3

About Us



Our department was established in 1958 by a small host of volunteers. There was no station at the time so the fire trucks were kept in a volunteer's yard. In 1960, the firemen erected our first firehouse at the intersection of Spartanburg Highway (now Old Spartanburg Road) and Crest Road. Our main station has undergone many renovations since but is still in the same location.   


Blue Ridge Fire and Rescue

We are a combination department with both a paid and volunteer staff.  We are proud to be a Class 3 rated fire department by the NC Office of State Fire Marshal.  Our main station is located on Old  Spartanburg Road and is manned 24/7. We have a sub-station on Greenville  Highway in the Village of Flat Rock, while it is not manned at this time it provides  quick access to additional equipment in the Flat Rock area.  


Call Volume

 As our service area's population continues to grow so does our call  volume. In 2018 we ran 2,286 calls. Our call volume includes numerous  amounts of emergencies, including but not limited to, structure fires,  motor vehicle accidents (MVA's), medical emergencies, and public service calls.  


Public Safety and Fire Prevention

The best way to fight fire is to prevent it from happening! Every October (Fire Prevention Month), we teach fire prevention at the schools in our district and throughout the rest of the year at events such as Farm City Day and the Flat Rock Ice Cream Social.  Fire prevention is a year round undertaking and we continually search for new opportunities to participate in our community!



Our members meet every Monday night to continue our training so that we can better serve the community. In addition, our members hold numerous certifications in the areas of firefighting, rescue, and emergency medicine. We attend off-site classes held at various community colleges and classes at other fire departments.  



We also like to have fun! We participate in many different events such as Farm City Day, YMCA Healthy Kids Day and La Voz Ingles Kid's Day held at Jackson Park. At these events we have trucks and equipment on display. Contact us if you are in our district and would like us to attend an event.